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    Young Thug Best friend video

    LE CLIP DU JOUR : Young Thug, « Best Friend »

    Clique x Young Thug, en ligne ce jeudi 17 septembre à 18h sur Clique.TV

    « That’s my best friend, that’s my best friend, bless ’em
    Big ol’ booty bitch missus from Texas, what’s next?
    I’m gon’ skeet off, lil nigga come catch me
    And that’s my bestie , my bestie, my best friend, go best friend
    Nigga livin’ TTG and everything is still on fleek
    Bad bitch rollin’ wit me she gon’ smile cuz she on fleet
    Hundred thousand diamonds on my payback she gon’ fleet

    Take that boy to school, swagonometry
    Bitch I’m bleeding bad, like a bumble bee
    Hold up! Hold it, hold it, nigga proceed
    I’ma eat that booty just like groceries
    Beat on that coochie, lay that bitch down like « let’s do it »
    No Tiger bitch, eat that Woody that wood
    Supplier, bitch, I got them pistols, no wood
    I want them tacos that are Meagan Good

    Hella cop the chopper with the buzz
    Stuff them racks inside them if they nice
    Bang that other side, nigga curse
    And my reefer louder than the speaker
    Yeah my niece is hanging with The Beatles
    If you ever find ’em, better keep ’em
    Thirty seven cameras for the sneakers
    Goin’ out like awesome Beanie Sigel
    Send a cop, I can’t wait to mistreat ’em
    Forcin’ your ho, I can’t wait to mislead her
    And Beatle they my people ».

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