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    Mermaid school opens in Montreal

    If, for you, Montreal means nothing but snow and poutine, it is time to think again. Prepare to plunge into the bright and beautiful depths of the ocean, admire pearls nestling inside oysters and rub shoulders with friendly fish: a school that teaches people how to be mermaids has just opened in Quebec.

    AquaMermaid promises to awaken “your inner mermaid”. Every one of us, after all, has a fish tail that we don’t make proper use of. The classes offer a forum for artistic expression, socialising and physical exercise. There is a range of activities for all ages. Children aged 7 and over can transform themselves into mythical creatures and splash around, all under the watchful eye of an instructor.


    Men, too, can make their dreams come true. The AquaTriton classes are for men only, but mixed sessions are also held up to three days a week.


    As far as price is concerned, a course of 10 mermaid swimming classes costs $300, while hiring a tail is 10 dollars extra. You can also hire a mermaid for your events. You might think that sounds a bit weird, but imagine your children’s delight at seeing a magnificent sea creature turn up to their birthday party. AquaMermaid also offers customers the chance to be photographed dressed as Ariel or King Triton.

    Triton 2

    It should be noted that this is not the first school of its type to open. Mermaid lessons are also available in Spain and the Philippines. Perhaps we will soon see mermaids and mermen swimming in the Seine…

    Dressmaker Monika Naumann, who posted this video online, makes the mermaid tails.

    Photos: AquaMermaid.

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