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    Clique x Young Thug “ATLIEN”

    We met Young Thug at the Rock en Seine Festival. When Mouloud Achour asked him what he wanted to learn in French, he answered right away “Suck my dick” and “Fuck someone”.

    Mouloud Achour: “What’s a thug ?” Young Thug: “A cold-hearted motherfucker when it comes down to people. I don’t give a fuck about them. I love my family, I love the people I’m supposed to love.”

    “No Feelings, that’s my definition of a thug”.

     Mouloud tells him he’s more of a rock star than a rap star for he goes against the mainstream American rap industry.

    “They need a bad guy. Everybody in the world was against Tupac because he was a thug.”

     Mouloud: “It’s funny because hip-hop was supposed to be a controversial culture, but it became so conservative…”

    “There are people like me that influence the world. I influence a lot of motherfuckers not to care. I influence them not to care about religion, not to care about anything.”

    Mouloud: “ What can we say to haters?”

    Giving them the finger and telling them “Fuck you”.

    Mouloud: “I heard you have lots of brothers and sisters. How was it when you were a kid ?

     “It was so hard I don’t even got to talk about it. It was hard. Struggle. The music helped me to escape. The paper helped me to escape.” Mouloud: “ You escaped chasing paper?” Young Thug: “The paper was chasing me. I was chasing hoes and Oz.”

    About the writing:

    “Sometimes I can write a song in 15 minutes. I make 5, 10 songs a day. Now I don’t have to be in the street, I spend all my days recording. I’m not from here, I’m from Gotham » he adds.

     « You know the new Earth that they found ? It looks just like Earth. It looks identical, everything is the same. I’m from there, I’m not from here. I’m the founder of this planet. I discovered this place and I’m ready to leave. »

     « People will understand in 100 years from now. »

     « I don’t watch TV. I feel like I have enough things to say. I’ve watched 5 or 10 movies in my all life. Even when I was in jail, no TV. I was thinking, thinking, thinking.

     About Donald Trump: « His self-esteem will probably just let him win. Maybe my self-esteem needs to be updated like « I’m the fucking President ».

    Mouloud: “As President of the United States, what would your first decision be?”

    “My first thing would be to free everybody who’s in jail unless it’s for rape or raping a kid.”

    Mouloud: ”How do you handle success, and how do you protect yourself from it?”

    “By not giving a fuck what’s happening. I buy a big house so that I can stay in the house. If I get tired of this side of the house I go to the other side of the house. I put a studio in my house so I don’t have to go outside. I got like 40 TVs and I still don’t watch TV”. “I’m always around the studio ‘cause at any given time I can learn something and wanna express it.”

    About school: “I always made some good grades. Never had a D, never had a F, never. I’m a genius.” “I stopped going to school ‘cause I started gambling.

    On what he said about Jay-Z: “Jay-Z’s a legend, I wanna die like him. People just misunderstood. Ain’t nothing wrong with him. I probably know more of his songs than he knows himself!

    To the American journalists who call him ignorant he simply says: “I don’t live in no fucking ghetto, I live in a fucking mansion. Judge all you want, fuck you. Fuck all of you, bitch”.

    About his family life:

    “I have six kids and I’m 24. I had my first kid when I was 14. I’ve got three boys and three girls, perfection!”

     Mouloud: “During the 90s, gangsta rappers constantly talked about smoking, in your music videos, it’s cocaine”.

    Young Thug: “That was a tribute to Gucci Mane, it wasn’t something that was planned,

    That’s something I wouldn’t plan because I’m not just a US American citizen, I’m an alien”.

     His definition of a clique ? “A big bundle of honesty, a big bundle of loyalty. That’s my definition of a clique.”

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