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    LE SON DU JOUR : Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge ft. Raekwon & Bilal – « Resurrection Morning »

    Un morceau issu de Twelves Reasons to Die II, le douzième album de Ghostface Killah, qui sortira le 10 juillet. Le projet, entièrement produit par Adrian Younge, vient prolonger leur précédente collaboration sur Twelves Reasons to Die, deux ans plus tôt.

    « A resurrection morning
    The light goes
    The sacrifice
    The glory of the ghost controls the…

    Time to surrender your physical being
    So I can hear your touch and smell, and start seeing
    Life as a precious gift given from God
    So I can enjoy my siesta, healing me scars
    Take this knife and push it through your windpipe slowly
    Come on Lester Cane, you better show me
    You’re a man of your work, a criminal conduct
    You gotta sacrifice your life or else your time’s up
    He took the knife, the look on his face got calmer
    I watched him take his life like a suicide bomber

    It’s time to go, I made a promise and I’m a man of my word
    I’m a G and my bond will never swerve
    I dreamed about this time and this place and I swear I’ve seen it
    Now I’m face-to-face with a death angel
    Thinking about the lies that I took with no strife
    Standing here holding a knife, now I’m ’bout to take my own life
    But it’s for a good reason
    My spirit needs to be replenished so I walk on my soul and be delinquent »

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