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    LE SON DU JOUR : French Montana ft. Chris Brown & Migos, « Moses »

    « I told her hold it down
    She fuckin’ with a blood
    Told her “come over now”
    Where are all my bitches tonight?
    Bring some some bitches tonight
    I brought a hunnid racks
    She askin’ for a fifty to a hundred … Where are all my bitches tonight?
    Bring me some more bitches tonight

    I’m feelin’ like Moses
    I’m all in the ocean I’m partin’ the water divided like Moses
    She switchin’ the motions and makin’ them faces just like an emoji
    Pineaple Fanta, it’s mixed with the Xanax, she love in the Codeine
    All of my killas the ready to follow me, I fell like Moses. »

    Musique Chris Brown French Montana