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    LE SON DU JOUR : Cage, « Agent orange »

    « Agent orange » de Cage est d’abord sorti en single en 1997 avec le titre « Radiohead ». Puis, on le retrouve en 2002 sur le premier album de l’artiste baptisé « Movies for the blind ». Dans cette chanson, le rappeur américain reprend le thème du film de Stanley Kubrick, « Orange mécanique ». Les premières notes sont les mêmes que celles du début du long-métrage. Cage en campe le personnage principal en disant s’appeler Alex, comme le héros, un délinquant ultra-violent. Depuis le début de sa carrière, Cage utilise ce prénom comme pseudo en référence au roman d’Anthony Burgess, « Orange mécanique », qui a donné lieu à l’adaptation cinématographique du même nom.

    There was me, Alex… and three of my mans
    All supposed to meet at Korova Milk Bar
    The Korova Milk Bar couldn’t afford it’s liquor license
    So it sold milkplus Drencrom, or Synthmesc
    It would sharpen you up for a bit of the ol’ ultraviolence
    Which plagued our minds for the evening
    And so kiddies… death for all, right right?! RIGHT RIGHT!

    [Verse 1: Cage]
    I’m Against the Machine like Rage; bitches say, « I hate you Cage! »
    After circle jerks, I wash my hands off and do dirt
    Sick with a smirk, plus happy disturbed
    Fucked the first two bitches like dogs and I jacked off on the third
    I’m obvious oblivion but that’s my science
    Fuck your head up like corn rows put in by blind giants
    Haven’t been with it, since the last corpse
    Kidded, wore a blood stained smile, and told the cops, « He did it! »
    Of course the most raw throughout the 9-1-4, 1-0-9-4-0
    Got you beasts shook like Doc Moreau
    Pour beer out for yourself because you’re walking dead
    I’ll burn your house down like a fucking Talking Head
    And get high like fuck, and pick apart my brain
    Dissections may mentally cause infections
    Break you with inventions, sick intentions
    Leave most MC’s lost in my sentence
    I’m strictly, beyond and back, come and get me
    Hemotobin, left from a lip like a hickey
    Leak smoke got me ready to murder a rookie
    Killers on your block tuck in they dicks like Tootsie
    Come and witness what your shit missed
    Watch the Glock kiss, Little Sis’ wet her like a Baptist
    Inconvenience; dilemma, like sitting on, Venus
    With no shuttle, treeless
    Try and pick apart some Agent Orange perception
    Catch frontal lobe damage and not manage correction
    I smell leak smoke, left by the anonymous
    Beats brought back to life die when I’m embalmin’ this
    Come around and get yo’ ass shot to clusters
    I’m a play the injuns with the arrows you be Custer’s… back
    I ride up on you, divorce your head and neck then scalp it
    Rip off all your flesh and make a outfit

    [Scratched Hook:]
    People said his brain was infected by devils

    [Verse 2: Cage]
    I survived abortion; got mushed in that canister-shaped coffin
    ‘Til stolen from the garbage I was tossed in
    Instincts, snatch your cream like links
    Blow shotguns through the sky, making E.T. eyes chink
    See me twisting leak with my peeps from psychiatrics
    Get high, run up in your crib and fuck your moms backwards
    Lost in the dust, don’t give a fuck about dangerous
    I’m in it for the whip, plus the cream and the head… rush
    Ready to bust any trick that talk slick
    Know a crew of devils in my head that force me to walk…
    With, Death in my pocket for the curious
    At your execution see twelve faces of Jesus in your jury this
    Orange Agent, shit on a vagrant
    Caught you in the alley by yourself and left your head vacant
    Dare you sample, some of the stress in my life
    Give an MC brain surgery with butterfly knife
    For all you cunts that try to spit with your bitch clique behind ya
    Wake up in the morning with a horse head beside ya
    Ma Dukes is just a cherry on top
    Spending G’s on quacks to try and fix my Clock
    I caught the quick lock, buggin’ in the institution
    Whatever sanity was left, caught the execution
    Psychological pollution, they stickin’ me with Thorazine solution
    Shooting at the sky looking for Godly retribution
    And I can almost see clear
    I start buggin’ like a insect and lay larvae in your ear
    Agent Orange stomping on MC corpse slim circle body part
    Call murder scenes abstract art
    Split your sweetbreads it’s the horror show in infra-red
    Boots get planted in chest there for the misled
    Lay it down for naps in the dirt, just like Clockwork
    Undress your ghost while your brain’s taking a squirt.

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