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LE CLIP DU JOUR : Ty Dolla $ign, « Violent »

Fans, backstage, weed et valises : avec cette suite d’images amateur, volontairement défraîchies, Ty Dolla Sign nous plonge dans le quotidien de ses tournées.

« Pop outs on me, hop outs on me
Nigga we don’t do no drive-bys
If he owe me money, he ain’t got my money
Tell his momma kiss him bye-bye
All my fans call me Dolla $ign
But my momma still call me Ty-Ty
First class on the flight to Hawaii
They got us all sipping the Mai Tai’s
20’s and 50’s we roll together
I don’t be kissing my bitches in public
At my level, bitch, we don’t go together
I just fucked a bitch at one of the W suites
And she said I’m the coldest ever
I just popped a couple Mollys, Xans
Now they copy my swag, it’s dope forever
I might be single forever
I’ma be me forever
I’ma be rich forever
M-O-B forever
Fucked her the first time I met her
Sucked on this dick cause I let her
I got a brand new Glock
And a Baretta »


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