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    LE CLIP DU JOUR : Future, « Real Sisters »

    À regarder jusqu’à la fin. Ne vous fiez pas aux apparences : parfois, le vrai gangster n’est pas celui qu’on croit…

    « Say you getting throwed
    I’m tryna pour up with you
    Oh, that’s your best friend?
    I’m tryna fuck her with you
    First met the bitch, they said they real sisters
    I don’t give a fuck if they was real sisters
    Fuck around with me, you tryna dodge bullets
    Serving packs of chickens in a Dodge Hemi
    Fuck around with me, you tryna dodge bullets
    Fuck around with me, I fuck twin sisters

    Whipping up a key, tryna dodge prison
    Trapping in the street, in some Margiela’s
    Players turn to fiends with that Godzilla
    Sell that heroin in the trap, I’m a dog, nigga
    Black Amigo Gang, got them bales on us
    Way before the fame, I had a bale on me
    20,000 off a juug, ain’t got a scale on me
    Real shooters, they’ll sit in jail for me
    Kill the judge, nigga, before they tell on me
    And fuck the plug, nigga, I’m tryna take something
    Finesse’d ’em out that cash, say he raped something
    I’m in Lil’ Mexico, we ’bout to take something ».

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