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LE SON DE LA SAISON : Biz Markie, « Spring again »

C’est le printemps !

« Yo this one aight though
Yo, me and Cool V
Dis dis dis gon’ be dis gon’ be our new single
And when you hear this story you’ll say it’s aight though
Yo yo yo yo Cool V, why don’t you give me a cue
One more cue, and then I’m ready to go in

Don’t you like when the winter’s gone
And all of a sudden it starts gettin warm
The trees and the grass start lookin fresh
And the sun and sky be lookin their best
Birds be singin, flowers be bloomin
A lot of brand new cars be zoomin
Fly girls lookin the best they can be
And the guys be dukey dukey Dan you see
Besides all that I like the warm weather
Cause that’s when you can get yourself together
But I like Easter time with a grin
Cause when I was little we used to go to Coney I-sland
We used to eat a lot of stuff like cotton candy
Cause back then, it was like fine and dandy
You used to get dressed up in double knits
And your plaid suit jackets, they were the shits
The good ol’ days, was back then
And the reason I reminisce, cause..

It’s spring again
Everybody know it’s spring again
To the girls and boys and people above
This is the time to fall in love

Now girls – have you ever broke up with your boyfriend
And you felt that the world was comin to an end
Sittin around the house poutin for no reason
Just because you thought your man was skeezin
For a couple of days, look gloomy and gray
Thinkin about the ol’ happy days
All of a sudden, the telephone ring
He beg for your forgiveness and you know what that brings
Joy and happiness into your life
Before you felt like your heart was stabbed by a knife
I’m tellin you girls, keep the man that you got
Cause if he cheats, you might need a VD shot
You know two wrongs don’t make a right
And if you did somethin wrong, don’t do the same it’s not polite
Please don’t make this breakin up a trend, BECAUSE… BECAUSE…

Now fellas – have you ever met a girl that tried to front
And wanted you to act like you was on a hunt
I used to see my homeboys frown and fret
For a girl that always tryin to play hard to get
I know I caught it myself, I must admit
and said – anything you want you gotta work hard for it
Me the Diabolical, be obsessed?
And go after somethin that a girl posess?
They’re really on yours like a pair of drawers
They want you to be like Santa Claus
They want drug dealers, and four-wheelers
Truck jewelry, they expect you to steal her
Sheeeeit, I know they must be buggin
They better hit the streets and do their own muggin
But in this case, you would just overlook her
Send her on her way and say I can’t help you hooker »



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