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    Clique x Kanye West

    We have always wanted to interview Jean Touitou. Despite shying from the media in recent years, the discreet Jean Touitou finally invited us to the A.P.C headquarters where he spends most of his time. A few days before the show of his new collection, we talked History, his life history, fashion history and fashion. And about Kanye West.
    Jean described a Kanye we had never previously heard about.He talked about a curious man with an incommensurable hunger to learn, fulled by a passion for fashion. A man eager to know all the ins and outs of the industry, from sourcing to production to presentation to the public. Before showing you our portrait of Jean Touitou, we were lucky enough to cross paths this rarely encountered Kanye, a few days later at the A.P.C offices. This is our exclusive interview, the only one given in France. We discuss the future, fashion, racism, education, street knowledge and the new collaboration between Kanye West and A.P.C.

    Music Clique x Kanye West