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    LE CLIP DU JOUR : Young Thug ft. Gucci Mane, « Again »

    A l’occasion de son anniversaire le dimanche 16 août, Young Thug a décidé d’offrir un cadeau à ses fans : le clip du morceau « Again » en featuring avec son mentor Gucci Mane, qui d’ailleurs n’est pas présent dans le clip pour cause d’incarcération.

    « I’m pouring 4s and shit I need to just pour the D’usse
    Car cost 400 thou and I put a roof in
    My nigga pot cook it so good he put his shoe in
    Nigga it’s a gangster party why the fuck is you in?
    Headbussa microwave shit then take him to me
    You know there’s some straps in the club they let my crew in
    I might just do the Michael Vick man and cook it left hand
    If you ain’t talking ’bout buying grams then I’m a deaf man
    I can make the dope do numbers the {????}
    I told my bitch to dye her hair red like Dennis Rodman
    (it’s Guwop), again
    Thugger and Guwop, again
    We chasing that Guwop, again
    That’s my lil whoadie, again
    We chasin that money baby, again
    We fucking your ho, again
    And if you owe me baby go head and show me baby
    Pull up and pour it
    Ima go gold, let you know it
    I got gold on my rolex
    And Im real bright like a poet
    I look like a dope boy I know it
    I know Im gonna win it like Floyd
    I became an important lil boy
    Money long like socks with some shorts
    Education is important
    Booking these dorks
    I jumped off the porch and went north
    Whipped you some dope full of narc-cotics
    YSL hardbody
    I got bout 20 chickens in the lobby, baby
    Ride It, Ride It Kawasaki-saki
    I don’t speak english
    I fuck that mouth, I’m not sexist
    I’m the big homie I’m leakin
    Stick to the streets like I’m cement
    I don’t need no change, you can keep it
    I don’t want your verse on my remix
    No panties she my secret
    Got a hunnid bands on me I’m cheesing
    {?????} lookin out like a eagle »

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