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    VIDEO: Who the f*** is Paul McCartney? We have found him, and you might be surprised…

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    Early in 2015, at a jam session in Los Angeles, Kanye West unveiled “Only One”, a brand new song dedicated to his daughter, North.
    The song was a poignant duet with a certain Paul McCartney, who web users quickly took to calling “Who tf is Paul McCartney?”.


    A few days ago, Rihanna sprung a surprise by revealing a track off her upcoming album. The song in question, FourFiveSeconds, was a collaboration with Kanye West and, you guessed it, …
    Paul “Who tf is Paul McCartney?” McCartney.

    The question is now on everyone’s lips:

    “Who the f*** is Paul McCartney?”

    Well, we have investigated the matter and we are now in a position to reveal the truth about the man who has been thrust into the limelight by our favourite stars:…

    it’s a con! There are actually several Paul McCartneys!
    Coincidence? I don’t think so…

    Paul 1 Paul 2

    The first lives in Cincinnati in the United States. When we talked to him about Kanye West’s latest album, this is what he had to say:

    The second Paul McCartney lives in Ireland. Here is his reaction to Rihanna’s latest track…


    Our thanks to Paul McCartney and Paul McCartney for helping us get to the bottom of this mystery at last!

    “As a 60s child…my parents had a good laugh naming me after Paul McCartney”

    Paul McCartney

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