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    Do you fall asleep in front of the TV? The Camp Daybed could be just what you need

    Do you tend to drop off in front of the TV after 5 minutes? Is dragging yourself to bed at night (after 2 hours battling to keep your eyes open and having been told 10 times) a daily ordeal for you? Then this sofa is just the ticket for you. canap At first glance, the “Camp Daybed” looks like any other sofa. In fact, it is a “sleeping bag on legs”, explains, Stephanie Hornig – the sofa’s London-based Danish designer, on her website. If you want to catch forty winks in front of the telly, simply unzip it, open it, slip inside and fall asleep at your leisure. You don’t even need to stand up.


    Cynics will say – and rightly so – that the “Camp Daybed” is merely a stylish version of the traditional sofa-bed, the only differences being that it takes up a little less space and is a tad more convenient.


    CThat said, for those who are dazzled by this hybrid contraption, the next stage is already available: the fully-convertible Orwell Sofa, midway between a cabin, a tent and a bed, is reminiscent of a child’s fort.



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