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    WHO ARE YOU…? Pearls Negras

    Pearls Negras are an all-female Brazilian rap trio who have been flying high since being named in Rolling Stone magazine’s 10 New Artists You Need to Know.

    With two mixtapes to their name already – Biggie Apple Mixtape and Nossa Gang Mixtape – the three young women are now signed to Universal.

    “We sing about our own experiences.”

    Alice, Mariana and Jennifer are aged between 16 and 17 and come from the favela of Vidigal, a neighbourhood perched above Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

    Their rap absorbs and mixes other musical genres such as Latino R&B, baile funk and electro.

    “We sing for the children we see in the street, who deal drugs and could end up in the cemetery at any moment.”

    It was, in fact, in a cemetery – Abeny Park Cemetery – in London, that Clique met the trio on their very first trip to Europe. Graveyards are extremely meaningful places for these girls, who are very attached to their Christian faith and refused to pose, or even walk, too close to the graves.

    “There are styles of music where you have to be civilized and censor yourself. Rap is different. It gives you much more freedom.” And Pearls Negras are planning on using that freedom to make their big mainstream breakthrough. In the meantime, we are enjoying listening to their most recent mixtape.

    You can follow all the latest news about Pearls Negras on their Facebook page.

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