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    The true face of Kaaris – Part I

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    A regular of hard-core rap laced with brutal, relentless images, Kaaris has become one of the leading figures in French rap in the space of a few years. Positioned between pure entertainment and harsh depictions of reality, Kaaris is more than ever in a league of his own.

    His clips stir up controversy and his lyrics are shocking, but his popularity continues to grow, and we’re still dancing to his beats in the club. Clique decided to go and meet him at his home in Sevran in the 93 départment of the Parisian suburbs, an area that haunts every track. We wanted to show you the true face of Kaaris, by going where none have gone before.

    The rapper lives in the furthest part of Sevran, on the border of Aulnay-sous-Bois. Little has changed since he shot to fame; nothing suggests a star lives here, except perhaps a brand new, white Porsche parked outside.

    A far cry from the Kalashnikovs, the extravagant bling bling and the girls in G-strings in his videos, the street where “Zoo” was filmed is deserted. We walk up it to get to Kaaris’ flat, where he has always lived with his eight brothers and sisters. This is where he wrote his first songs.

    We film a calm, thoughtful Kaaris while he talks about his childhood, his adolescence and his first steps in hip hop. Throughout our tour of the neighbourhood we talk about the Illuminati and weights training, but mostly about society and education – the “most important thing”, according to Kaaris, both at home and at school. He insists: teachers need more help in their work. Kaaris, future mayor of Sevran?

    Forget the clichés. Welcome to the 93, Sevran, the Rougemont neighbourhood. Click, share.

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