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    WHO ARE YOU… The Posterz

    Joey Sherrett, Kris The $pirit and Husser are the three band members of The Posterz. They’ve only released one EP, but it made a big splash. Dashing and mischievous, these three new hip hop recruits have been stirring things up on the Montreal music scene for about a year. And as they’re looking to bring their sound to France, they crossed the Atlantic for a two-week tour. Accompanied by photographer Gabrielle Malewski, Clique met up with them in Paris, where they played live on Saturday 6 December.

    The Posterz Gabrielle Malewski

    Who are you?
    Husser: We’re three guys from Montreal in Canada, all between 21 and 24. Today is our first ever time in Paris! We’re here for a two-week tour across France. We should be able to speak French, but we chose the easy option. You’re advised to speak French in Montreal, but you can do everything in English.
    Joey Sherrett: I got 12 in my French exam, I didn’t really go to class much…

    Out of 20? That’s not bad.
    Joey Sherrett: No, out of 100! (laughs). Anyway, we met each other playing music in a studio five years ago.
    Husser: Sir was playing on the computer in the community centre where we used to hang out. I’d rapped for several years with another guy, and we’d come up with the name “The Posterz” together. Then I met Chris. We listened to his beats and we both said “we’ve got to find this guy!” And there you go! It’s a hip hop love story.

    The POsterz par la photographe Gabrielle Malewski

    What does “Posterz” mean?
    Husser: The original name was “Poster Boys”. But now we’re men, we’re over puberty and we’ve grown up! No, seriously, “poster boy” means someone who’s the best at what they do. And that’s what we want to be. We represent our city, in several ways; by rapping in English, talking about what happens in Montreal…

    Do you see yourselves as from the “Canadian” scene?
    Kris The $pirit: We are the Canadian scene! The others are just messing around. There’s entertainment, and then there’s hip hop. It’s not the same thing. We’ve got great producers like Kaytranada and Tommy Kruise. We make authentic hip hop music. We talk about real things, true things. It’s not just “ok, we rap, we’re cool”, it’s not about the lifestyle. We’re ourselves. We don’t want to bring back an old-school vibe either. Or maybe, but only by getting back to things which we feel are real, like they used to do before.

    What were your influences?
    Joey Sherrett: We listen to a bit of everything to be honest. From Migos to U2. Soul, jazz, reggae, even house. We like Gesaffelstein, for example. His single “Pursuit” is insane. Justice is amazing as well, so is Daft Punk, all of those guys. We’d really like to work with FKA Twigs, she’s like Portishead mixed with loads of weird stuff, it’s so cool.
    Kris The $pirit: Since yesterday I’m dying to do a track with OG Maco.

    So, you’ve got nine dates in France. What does this enthusiasm from the French mean to you?
    Kris The $pirit: We feel like our French fans are really receptive. We look at the articles published, and I think one of our videos was on the TV. It’s incredible. We’re just waiting to see how it goes tomorrow at the first gig.

    The Posterz par Gabrielle Malewski

    What did you go before getting into music?
    Husser: It’s our full-time job now!
    Joey Sherrett: Before then, those two were delivery men, they made deliveries all day. I made music for adverts in the studio where we met. It’s been a huge shock for all of us. We’ve barely released our EP, just five tracks, and we’re already making a living from it! (He points to the poster with their nine French dates written on it.) All that there, it’s all for us! It’s crazy, I just can’t wait for us to bring out our album.


    So how are you getting on with the album?
    Joey Sherrett: We’ve not released anything big for now, just 5 tracks on an EP we brought out last year on the Internet. We’re still a small, local Canadian outfit. We’ve got loads of new projects on the way, and lots of new, energetic tracks up our sleeves. We don’t yet want to say when the album will be released, but we’re really excited. We hope it’ll be released at some point in the spring.

    All the French tour dates (from 3 to 12 December) for The Posterz.
    Photos Gabrielle Malewski

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