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    CLIQUE x ISTANBUL – The complete documentary

    For his first journey Mouloud Achour heads to Istanbul in Turkey, accompanied by director Kim Chapiron. A true odyssey across Asia Minor, illustrated by characters you won’t see anywhere else.

    Clique comes to life right where its guests live. In this film, Mouloud Achour seeks out singular and original people in the Turkish capital. Descriptions below.

    Adnan Oktar
    Adnan Oktar is one of the most popular, yet most controversial figures in Turkey. An essayist by trade, he then became a journalist and now presents a straight-talking television show on his very own channel, drawing millions of viewers every evening.

    Wrapped up in a number of polemical debates, this creationist, anti-Zionist and anti-Masonic presenter is currently being investigated for possessing cocaine and was convicted of setting up an illegal organisation for personal gain. Mouloud Achour guests on his talk show to try and sort the truth from the rumours.

    Omar Souleyman
    Omar Souleyman is a Syrian singer, currently in exile in Istanbul, and has become a true icon in Turkey and around the world. Dressed in a djellaba with a keffiyeh adorning his head, this moustachioed 50-something has bowled over the West’s musical elite. Souleyman produces party music, drawing on shrewd mixtures of traditional Syrian music and electro riffs. But behind the festivities hides a relentless cry for liberty and freedom from oppression.

    Emre Utkucan
    Emre Utkucan is Head of Scouting and Performance Analysis at Galatasary, the biggest professional football club in Istanbul. Assisted by a team of technical supervisors and scouts, Utkucan has created an extensive, independent database for collecting statistics and, with the help of Facebook, certain details of the personal lives of more than 2,500 footballers across the world.

    Michelle Demishevich
    As a woman born in a man’s body, Michelle Demishevich is a committed, feminist journalist whose fight to improve the status of women in Turkey includes refusing to depict them as sex symbols.

    Istanbul is a city known for its countless numbers of street cats. This is why Hilary, 60, decided to drop everything and start a new life looking after these little furballs, feeding them, caring for them and even finding them shelter.

    Society Clique x Istanbul