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    skate octagon street sport

    Skateboarding : the invisible war

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    Paltrips.ps, an online cultural and travel guide to Palestine

    beach body métro jaune

    To enjoy your summer, or not to enjoy your summer? That is the question women’s magazines can’t answer


    Akon launches “Lighting Africa”


    Africans launch Twitter hashtag to show their continent in a different light


    When will SlamBall make it to France? We speak to Owl Black SlamBall Dijon

    photo 1-2

    Is African cuisine making a comeback?


    CLIQUE TALK: “Arab is The New Hype”: we meet Rime El Khalidy and Chama Tahiri


    Bees are dying… and you can save them


    CLIQUE TALK: we meet Benjamin Lesage, who has decided to live without money


    Verona: the “Tinder” looking to match Israelis and Palestinians


    VIDEO OF THE DAY: Sam Sadler, “Pins and Needles”


    Jay-Z’s 99 problems illustrated in a book


    VIDEO OF THE DAY: reality or fiction? The terrible reflection of society

    teddy riner

    The 2015 European Games in Azerbaijan: a “dire situation”, according to Human Rights Watch

    vitrine cookie

    Clique x Cookie (Taraji P. Henson)


    What do people think about when they take photos of themselves doing yoga on the beach?

    U.S. television personalities Kim and Khloe Kardashian attend a flower laying ceremony at the Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial Museum in Yerevan

    Kim Kardashian in Armenia: is she finally doing something worthwhile?


    10 questions about Kenya you were too embarrassed to ask


    Video: Pee against a wall in Hamburg, and it’ll pee right back at you


    Mermaid school opens in Montreal


    CLIQUE STORY: “The Ballsy Princess”, by Justine Paolini


    Brazil: A gay-friendly Church


    Nigeria: fighting fear with hope

    manifestation charlie hebdo

    “Havoc wreaked, we stand together,” a text by Matthieu Longatte (Bonjour Tristesse)


    “I love you, Charlie”, a text by Justine Paolini


    “War, Nazism, jihad, when you compare it all, nothing makes sense any more”, by Olivier Steiner

    Photo du gardien de but de l'équipe nationale d'Algérie Raïs M'Bolhi

    1, 2, 3 viva Raïs M’Bolhi – Part I

    barney stinson naked man

    CLIQUE STORY: I slept with an arsehole

    Photo de Mouloud Achour et Baptist de Pape la main sur le coeur sur un bateau à Amsterdam

    Amsterdam: not just pot


    PEOPLE WHO… are FOR or AGAINST fur

    Hot Tub1

    LONDON FOREVER YOUNG – new ways to have fun for the boomerang generation

    Photo du groupe One Direction par John Wright

    CLIQUE TALK: One Direction fans are the true masters of the Internet

    Photo en noir et blanc en gros plan d'un cou d'une femme nue

    CLIQUE STORY: I’ve slept with 1,000 men

    violetta violet femme marche rue

    PEOPLE WHO…. wear purple

    Azyle, Punition, Métro, Graff,

    CLIQUE STORY: Azyle Speaks – part 1 by @Karimboukercha1