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    What do people think about when they take photos of themselves doing yoga on the beach?



    “I’m getting the most out of my sandals”
    You don’t need to pray to a God you don’t even believe in if you want it to be sunny tomorrow. You’re in Thailand, dumbass.


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    “I’m a bridge!”
    Avoid blocking the captain’s view when you’re at sea, or don’t be surprised when you they tell you: “I didn’t see the iceberg”. 
    You had it coming.


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    “Never again…never again…”
    The dying dog position is perfect for spewing everywhere. Vomit in complete serenity, to your own rhythm, and take your time as you observe your sick forming a little puddle around your feet.



    “Yep, it’s definitely thrush!”
    A gynaecological check-up between girlfriends is never a great idea, especially in the summer when the number of sexual partners increases according to the destination. Don’t be scared of offering a helping hand.



    “Is it me or does it smell like asparagus?”
    There are more discrete ways of peeing in the water without anyone knowing. We advise you don’t take up too much space, especially if you decide to stay on the sand where all the kids can see you.



    “It’s that waaaaaaaayyy!”
    In life, it’s good to know the right path to take, but please don’t get carried away. Otherwise people who aren’t quite as flexible as you might think you’re awfully pretentious.




    “Goodbye cruel world.”
    If you’re planning on ending it all, don’t make a big show of it. You’ll just look like a show-off, and honestly, you’ve probably got better things to do.




    “We need to put the dishes in the dishwasher as soon as we finish eating, otherwise the food sticks to the plates”
    Spicing up your relationship doesn’t mean you have to go crazy. If you want to talk about problems at home, why not got for a coffee, it’s just as good.



    “Leave me alone.”
    Stop sticking your head in the sand. Everyone has problems, you’ve just got to stop hiding and face them.




    “Come on, another 500 metres!”
    It’s late, your kids are waiting for you at home. The tide went out three hours ago. You really need to stop the amphetamines. We’ll help you…



    “I’m a tree.”
    No, you are not a tree. You’re a show-off looking to get laid.



    “I’m a hermit crab.”
    No, you are not a hermit crab. You’re a show-off looking to get laid.



    “Huh? What? Like that?”
    Good Lord, it’s really not hard to look a bit sexy when you’re doing yoga on the beach! Everyone can do it! Make a bit of effort!

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